Which Kit Do I Need?

Our kits are either portable or fixed with conventional or LED stage lighting fixtures, here’s a bit about the differences:

blubcircleConventional Fixtures
These are stage lights with bulbs in them and they range from 300W Par’s to 650W Fresnel’s and Profiles, they are dimmable and can be coloured using the lighting gel provided with each kit. They use more electricity than LED’s and have low consumable costs of replacement lamps and gel but are a cheaper initial outlay and are very bright.
Fixtures in this category are: Par56, Budget 500W Fresnel and Selecon Acclaim Fresnel and Profile.



ledcircleLED Fixtures
The LED stage lights in our kits are wash lights and are capable of mixing any colour required without the need for gel, it’s all done from the control board, plus they do not get hot so are safe to touch even when switched on. They use less electricity than conventional fixtures and have no ongoing consumable costs as they don’t use bulbs or gel. Fixtures in this category are: LED Slim Par RGB.



whichportablePortable Kits
Portable drama kits are ideal for studios or classrooms where space is at a premium, they can be assembled in less than 20 minutes and require two standard 13 Amp sockets (one for the lights and one for the controller). The stage lights are attached to a T-Bar stand which is 1.4M at it’s minimum height and 2.6M at it’s maximum. Control is via simple controllers which can be placed up to 20M from the stand.



whichinstallFixed Kits
Fixed drama kits are attached permanently to a wall and are great for school halls or community spaces where you just want to turn up switch on and go! The kits come with everything you need to install them and this can be carried out by anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY, we supply fixing bolts and the correct sized drill bit, all you need to supply is the drill and some muscle.



You can find more information about the types of stage lights and associated lighting equipment included in the drama kits on the ‘Terminology’ page.

If you have no idea what you need or think you do but would like to run it past us before you buy just drop us an email or give us a call.